Do you want to join the community of doll makers and learn to create the most unique, nurturing, and wholesome toy for the child you love? Do you want to know the “ingredients” of the toy your child is playing with? Create it yourself!

It’s like cooking, you only ever know what you are putting in your body if you prepare it yourself from scratch.

You found my website because you have a child in your life that you want to gift something special to, something you create yourself, something you want to pour your heart and soul into.

Let me show you how!

I am very excited to help you learn the art of doll making, the way I started 30 years ago. I have handcrafted and sold many Waldorf-inspired dolls (Ringalina dolls), led Handwork 6th & 7th grade at my local Waldorf school and workshops for adults for many years. Some of my 7the grade doll making students will draw on the skills they learned when they become parents.

Creating a doll is something very special and you will make memories that are cherished forever. The sparkle in your child’s eyes when he or she holds the doll for the first time will be the first of many more to come.

Create something with a smile and the anticipation of giving in your heart!

It is my passion to  help you create something beautiful. Work at your own pace online and connect with other creators in the forum or facebook group. I will be here to answer questions and help you through the  challenges you may run into. It is my belief that when your hands create it, your soul is in it and your child will love it.

“A handcrafted doll is one of a kind, an individual that carries the spirit of the maker in its

stitches and absorbs the spirit of the child that loves it.”   Maricristin Sealey

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