AGES 2-12


AGES 2-12

Instruction is diversified to foster artistic growth in a fun atmosphere filled with discovery, connection, possibility, and celebration.

As a parent, you want after-school and summer care that is beyond the arts & crafts drop-in services that offer trivial activities to keep your kids entertained. You want an experience for your child that is fun and rewarding, but also has intrinsic educational value. You want them to enjoy the day but to also get something of value from it.

Our approach to lessons is to meet students where they are in their personal artistic journey, whether a beginner or a seasoned artist. A 5-year-old needs plenty of room to explore and discover art materials, while a 12-year old artist may need special help in developing their unique ideas to be imbued into a masterpiece.

Our 2024 Fall Session Enrollment starts July 16th!!!

12 WEEK COURSES / September 10 to December 6. (Closed the week of Thanksgiving).
2024 Session Tuitions will be processed on the 1st of each month beginning September 1st.
A non-refundable, ONE-TIME Registration fee of $30 is due per family upon enrollment for new enrollments. This fee is good for the year, until December 31,2024.

Tuition Fees below are shown per month.



Join us from 10am-11am for our special “Toddler Sip & Paint” session every first Friday of the month, where our youngest Wee Hands artists can engage in a variety of artistic activities tailored to their growing minds. From painting and stamping to beading and clay modeling, toddlers will explore these mediums in a safe and nurturing environment designed specifically for their small hands and bodies. Caregivers participate alongside their little ones, enjoying a flexible art session that allows for breaks and sips from their cups, or even a cozy book exploration before returning to their creations. All art supplies are AP non-toxic, ensuring a safe experience, while we kindly request that food and snacks remain outside the studio to maintain a clean environment.

Sessions are priced at $20 per child, and while drop-ins are welcome, securing your spot online guarantees participation in this intimate class limited to 12 toddlers escorted by caregivers.

All art supplies are included.

(60 min class/$20 per session/per child)



This class introduces budding artists to the world of visual art through art history,  literature, music, theatrics, and movement. Students will have the opportunity to experiment with various art mediums, tools, and techniques appropriate for their growing minds and bodies. Emphasis is placed on the joy of discovery, the process of creating in a fun environment, not on a final finished product. Caregivers are not allowed to stay during this class. Timid, shy youngsters who still need one on one adult companionship should attend the Toddler Sip and Paint sessions until they are comfortable with our Hands Create Studio space and instructors. 

All art supplies are included

(60 min class/$145 for per month)

Art I introduces beginning artists to foundational elements of art such as line, shape, color, texture, value, form, and space. Through engaging two- and three-dimensional projects that integrate art history, music, and movement, students embark on a journey of creative exploration. Emphasis is placed on experimentation and the artistic process, fostering a deeper understanding of different art media and techniques. This dynamic course encourages students to express themselves creatively while building a solid artistic foundation.

All art supplies are included

(60 min class/$145 for per month)


ART II- SMALL HANDS (2nd-6th Grade):
Art II builds upon the foundational elements introduced in Art I, incorporating a deeper exploration into the principles of design. Students engage in both two- and three-dimensional art projects that integrate these principles with a focus on creativity and skill refinement. Through the study of art history, exposure to diverse artists, and exploration of world cultures, students develop a broader perspective on art and its applications. Emphasis is placed on creative use of imagery and media, encouraging students to further develop their artistic abilities while fostering a deeper understanding of design concepts.

All supplies are included

(60 min class/$145per month)




If you must miss a class, you must notify Hands Create of the cancellation via email at least 24 hours before the missed class in order to be given the opportunity to schedule a make up, if an alternate class is available. You will only be given (1) make up per session for any cancellations. Art III and Art IV do not have make-ups!

Yes if space is available for WORKSHOPS OR EVENTS ONLY. You must enroll online for any classes, no walk-ins are allowed. Tuition for 2024 Fall Session is billed every 4 weeks. The 12-week long classes will be prorated after the first week from the start of billing.

The 2024 Fall Session requires a one-time $30 per family registration fee for new 2024 students.  This fee is good for all of 2024, no matter how many classes you take. The registration fee is processed upon enrollment and guarantees your spot in the class. Registration fees are non-refundable.

The 12-Week Fall session course tuition for Wee Hands, Art I to IV is billed every 4 weeks starting September 1st.  Art V tuition will be billed 30 days prior to start of class. Tuition fees cover professional fine arts instruction and supplies for project based lessons with art history, aesthetics, and art skills woven together seamlessly for an incredibly fun experience!

Tuition refunds are available, but due to maintaining class scheduling, waitlists and the purchase of supplies for the course, refunds are limited as follows:

  • Over 30 days before start of class – 100% refund
  • 30-14 days before start of class – 50% refund
  • No refunds for weekly sessions classes less than 14 days before start of class.

There is a 10% sibling discount for the 2nd+ sibling at the time of enrollment. No Multi-Class discounts.

For Wee Hands, Art I to IV Fall Class sessions you will not be billed for the first months tuition until September 1st. Monthly billing will be processed every 4 weeks after the 1st of September. Art V classes will be processed on August 10th, 30 days before the start of class.

You will not be charged for the week Thanksgiving due to being closed for the holiday.