AGES 13-18


AGES 13-18

Explore, discover and connect through infinite possibilities.

Students between the ages of 13 and 18 today are more independent than ever. They, and you, as the parent of a teenager, are always seeking activities that allow them to connect face to face with their friends. Hands Create offers engaging, fun, and educational experiences in a safe supervised environment. Enroll your child in a class that will expand their horizons beyond their regular activities.

At Hands Create, we believe that time for experimentation and discovery is essential to the creative process. Every project is concept based and begins with a strong “jumping off point,” but unstructured in the art making process, allowing for varied choices to be made by each artist no matter one’s experience or skill level.

Summer Camp Schedule still ONLINE!!
We offer a special Camp just for teens Week 5 – July 15-18

Our 2024 Fall Session Enrollment starts July 16th!!!

12 WEEK COURSES / September 10 to December 6. Closed the week of Thanksgiving
2024 Session Tuitions will be processed on the 9th of each month beginning August 9th
A non-refundable, ONE-TIME Registration fee of $30 is due per family upon enrollment for new enrollments. This fee is good for the year, until December 31,2024.

Tuition Fees below are shown per month.



ART III- TWEEN/TEEN HANDS (6th-12th grade/ages 11-18):
The Art III course for middle and high school students offers a meticulously structured curriculum focused on technical drawing and painting skills which also incorporates the elements and principles of design. Regardless of grade level or time of enrollment, each student embarks on a personalized journey starting from a common foundational point. This sequential approach allows students to progress through projects at their own pace, accommodating diverse artistic abilities, working speeds, and comfort levels. Drawing and painting materials such as graphite, charcoal, pastels, watercolor, acrylic, and oil paint are included. Upon enrollment, a sketchbook will be provided for each student that is expected to be brought to class weekly.  By completing the comprehensive drawing and painting curriculums, students are prepared to pursue advanced studies in Art IV through an Independent Study course, fostering further exploration and mastery of their artistic talents. Art III and Art IV students will be separated within the classroom space.

All art supplies are included.

(60 min class/$155 per month)

ART IV- TEEN HANDS/Independent Study**
Art IV is an advanced course designed for students to delve deeper into their artistic passions under the guidance of Hands Create art instructors. Emphasizing specialization based on broad conceptual frameworks, the course requires students to demonstrate a purposeful grasp of art and design techniques and materials. Clear communication of project ideas to instructors and independent work until project completion are key components of promoting self-motivation and fostering independence. Expectations are set high in this individualized setting, where students refine their skills and cultivate a comprehensive portfolio showcasing their artistic evolution and achievements. Upon enrollment, a sketchbook will be provided for each student that is expected to be brought to class weekly.

**Students in 6th – 9th grade must complete the entire drawing and painting curriculum in Art III before enrolling into ART IV. Students in 10th -12th  grade must complete the ART III curriculum OR have a portfolio of artwork and a recommendation from an art teacher.
All art supplies are included.

(75 min class/$165 per month)



If you must miss a class, you must notify Hands Create of the cancellation via email at least 24 hours before the missed class in order to be given the opportunity to schedule a make up, if an alternate class is available. You will only be given (1) make up per session for any cancellations. Art III and Art IV do not have make-ups!

Yes if space is available for WORKSHOPS OR EVENTS ONLY. You must enroll online for any classes, no walk-ins are allowed. Tuition for 2024 Fall Session is billed every 4 weeks. The 12-week long classes will be prorated after the first week from the start of billing.

The 2024 Fall Session requires a one-time $30 per family registration fee for new 2024 students.  This fee is good for all of 2024, no matter how many classes you take. The registration fee is processed upon enrollment and guarantees your spot in the class. Registration fees are non-refundable.

The 12-Week Fall session course tuition for Wee Hands, Art I to IV is billed every 4 weeks starting September 1st.  Art V tuition will be billed 30 days prior to start of class. Tuition fees cover professional fine arts instruction and supplies for project based lessons with art history, aesthetics, and art skills woven together seamlessly for an incredibly fun experience!

Tuition refunds are available, but due to maintaining class scheduling, waitlists and the purchase of supplies for the course, refunds are limited as follows:

  • Over 30 days before start of class – 100% refund
  • 30-14 days before start of class – 50% refund
  • No refunds for weekly sessions classes less than 14 days before start of class.

There is a 10% sibling discount for the 2nd+ sibling at the time of enrollment. No Multi-Class discounts.

For Wee Hands, Art I to IV Fall Class sessions you will not be billed for the first months tuition until September 1st. Monthly billing will be processed every 4 weeks after the 1st of September. Art V classes will be processed on August 10th, 30 days before the start of class.

You will not be charged for the week Thanksgiving due to being closed for the holiday.