AGES 18+


AGES 18+

Spend your leisure time on meaningful, engaging experiences.

Get away from the monotony of your normal routine and try something new and exciting by participating in one or more of our summer workshops for adults. Add a spark of creative joy to your summer by experiencing professionally crafted, fun art lessons where diversified, simple instructions help guide you through the completion of a unique art piece.

Each “concept based” art lesson provides a strong “jumping off point” in which to begin, but unstructured in the art making process, allowing for varied choices to be made by each individual no matter your experience or skill level. Sign up for one (or more) of each stand-alone workshop and discover something new every time!





Printmaking: mono-printing and etching
“Get Jiggy With It!” with gelli printing and explore mono-printing on slabs of gel! No joke! We aren’t kidding! Complete your nature composition by collaging printed leaves etched by your creative hands. No experience necessary. Make all your instagram friends “jelli” and come and enjoy the printmaking fun!

Torn paper collage
Bring a little of Charlotte’s nightlife into the studio! Listen to the eclectic tunes of Pink Martini while creating a torn paper collage inspired by the contemporary artist Jim Hudek. This easy project will leave you thirsty for more creative fun! If you have any old magazines hanging around, bring them in and add them to our collage collection!

Create an 8” x 8” fused glass piece you will cherish for a lifetime. Breaking glass is very relaxing and therapeutic! We will teach you how to do it safely with the correct tools and techniques. Choose from a variety of exciting colors to create your own unique design. At the end of the class you will decide what it will become- a vase, a deep dish, a shallow dish, a C curve, a trivet, or sun catchers!

This workshop is being taught by guest instructor/artist Jane Hunt. She is the owner of Eight Legs Gallery in Waxhaw, NC.

Paper, pastels, ink
Learn about the history of traditional Batik from Indonesia and discover seven different types of leaf shapes found near the Arboretum. There is no hot wax necessary to make a colorful batik with oil pastel as the “resist” and India ink as the “dye.” Easy to follow step-by-step instructions and hands-on demonstrations will help you create a masterpiece!

Watercolor, wax, ink
Traditional Batik is made with hot wax on cloth and fabric dyes. This workshop will teach you how to use handmade Indonesian tjaps to stamp beautiful hot wax designs onto non-traditional paper to which layers of colorful paint is added in succession to complete a full range of value in the composition.

Acrylic paint & found objects
Assemblage is art that is made by assembling disparate elements – often everyday objects – scavenged by the artist. Learn about famous assemblage artists from Picasso to Rauschenberg and how to create a fun mixed-media painting with a fashion forward focal point! Got any old cool junk lying around such as jewelry, buttons, postage stamps or even concert ticket stubs? Bring them in and add to the found object collection!

The technique of wet felting has been practiced for thousands of years. Based on archeological findings from the Central Asian Steppes, felting of animal hair has been a means of creating unwoven fabric for clothing, shelter, and artistic expression since at least 600 BCE! You will use tufts of fluffed wool rubbed with soap and water to make a beautiful wool fiber masterpiece and leave the studio saying that FELT wonderful!”

Watercolor collage
Mop, scrape, brush, and glide as we blend watercolors and collage in an intricate dance to create a beautiful, unique landscape of birch trees inspired by the contemporary artist Pat Dews. Learn how to use a variety of watercolor tools and techniques and how to creatively integrate collage elements to represent the abstract essence of nature. As always, all materials are included, but if you want to clean out your closet, feel happy about bringing some fun patterned paper napkins, wrapping tissue, old maps or even old books to add to the studio collection!

Integrated Collage
Create an integrated collage of a fine feathered friend of your choice. Collage is about tearing and layering and designing with color, value and texture. Intuitive choices and exciting surprises lead to finishing touches like twigs, feathers, buttons and charms. You will fly out of our studio with a masterpiece on a 5” X 5” gallery canvas. No frame necessary! Bird is the word!

This workshop is being taught by a visiting artist from New Bern, NC! Fran Kohlmeier loves to discover beauty in the ordinary and the extraordinary within the serendipity of collage, the strength of abstract shapes, and the serenity of simple landscapes. She draws inspiration for her beautiful watercolors, pastel paintings, acrylic still lifes and landscapes from the world around her.

Explore the beauty of contrast. Learn why value packs a wallop! Discover which artists are famous for their decided lack of color in their compositions. Experience the joy of painting with different mediums, on varying surfaces, to create abstract compositions in black and white. The simple, non-objective, open-ended subject matter leaves plenty of room for happy accidents and unexpected surprises. The instruction will be geared to a beginner, but interesting enough for expert hands.


Class makeups are not offered at this time.

Yes if space is available. Tuition for week long classes will be prorated.

Yes – A $60 Non-Refundable Registration Fee is required prior to enrollment. Registration fee is good for one year from time of enrollment per family. Registration fees cover all administrative and processing fees.

Tuition fees cover supplies, lesson plans and a snack for each weekly session. Tuition fees are due at time of enrollment. Any food allergies need to be listed on registration form.

Tuition refunds are available but due to maintaining class scheduling refunds are limited as follows:

  • Over 30 days before start of class – 100% refund
  • 30-14 days before start of class – 50% refund
  • No refunds for weekly sessions less than 14 days before start of class.
  • Hands Create will make every attempt to assign a student for an alternate week if space is available

Yes, siblings are eligible for a 10% discount per class at time of enrollment.

Class sessions are paid for in advance. First Register and then you can enroll and pay.

Class sizes are limited to 18 students.