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Summer & Fall Sessions

Experience Summertime At Hands Create Art School!

Summer sessions are a chance for artists to explore a variety of art media, methods and techniques in half-day, week-long classes or 2-1/2 hour evening workshops. All lessons are concept based, meaning student artists will not only produce fabulous art, but will explore and develop their creativity through the study of famous artists, historical time periods and cultures. Summer Sessions at Hands Create is an incredibly fun learning experience that will last a lifetime!

Experience Fall Weekly Classes – Enrollment Starts August 1

During our Fall weekly classes our students explore a variety of media and techniques in 10 or 12 week courses or 2-1/2 hour evening workshops. An important part of our philosophy at Hands Create is that students get a chance to show off the creativity and hard work they put into their artwork. Therefore at the conclusion of the courses, our studio will transform into a gallery for a COLLABORATIVE ART SHOW that will be open to the public.

AGES 2-12
AGES 13-18
AGES 18+

What People Say About Us

Thank you for taking your time and not only teaching me art but teaching all of us the history of art. I love that you tell us the little details that make our art projects really cool! You are an amazing artist!

Sam F., Art Student

I want to thank you for making a positive impact on my second grader. I was on the internet and he saw a picture of an artist. He blurted out, “I know that artist! That’s Gustav Klimt”. I am amazed.

Marla W., Parent

I was so impressed with the student art. You have really done a wonderful job in teaching the students about works of art as well as teaching them the specific skills to create beautiful pieces of art.

Cheri E., Teacher, Cape Fear, NC

I’ve been meaning to tell you for years, but we have been so impressed with the caliber of art that our kids bring home! Really, it’s amazing to see an “average” art student produce such amazing work.

Gigi E., Parent

Art inspired by your creative mind adorns our walls. Ms. McDaniel, here is a sincere THANK YOU for all your years of originality and genius.

Sarah W., Parent

As an art teacher, Joann pays attention to how the creative spirit can emerge in all of us! As a mentor, she continues to inspire my journey.

Fran Kohlmeier, Artist/Art Educator, New Bern, NC

Joann is a masterful art teacher who uncovered a love of art in my son.  She has inspired a passion and honed a talent that we never knew existed all while having a great time.

Shirley C., Parent

The student examples are very striking. I love the use of subtle color and experimental, layered techniques. Even more than that, I love how generous you are with your time and expertise!

Kandise H., Art Educator

Ms. McDaniel, some of your words made it home tonight. We were thrilled to hear what Charlie had to say about Kandinsky and non-figurative art! Thank you for sparking his interest!

Kimbrel & Trip M., Parent, 1st grade artist

Ms. McDaniel helped make my son’s first year of school the very best. He has shown an interest in art that he never has before. It is so fun to see him come home so eager to create!

Jordan W., Parent

We had our socks knocked off this a.m. when James looked at one of our paintings (of water lilies) and asked if Claude Monet was the artist. It is amazing that you are exposing them to such an early age.

Jennifer & Jamie D., Parents

Thank you for not only helping the girls create their beautiful treescapes, but for how warm and loving you are when you share your art talents with them. They are still talking about their time with you.

Leslie W., Parent

I am amazed by the quality of art work and the variety of artistic techniques the students learn in your art class. It is a pleasure to work with such a dedicated, talented and passionate colleague.

Russell B., Teacher, Bali International School, Indonesia

My wife and I just want to thank you for the great instruction you provide our daughter Lily. For a family who appreciates art, to see their child develop under your tutelage is just a joy.

Bill & Viviane Bechtler-Smith, Parents

Joann’s joyful creativity in teaching pulls you into her heart.
She will make you want to dance!

Kathy Bruen, Artist, Greenbelt, MD

Joann’s classroom and lessons are fun and engaging. She is patient, knowledgeable, encouraging, and always professional. The work Joann elicits from her students is nothing short of magical.

Kelly Willis, Parent, teacher & administrator