Hands Create 2024 Fall Art Classes for ALL ages starts on September 10th.
Open Enrollment started July 15th!

Our 12-week Fall Session is diversified to foster artistic growth in a fun atmosphere filled with discovery, connection, possibility, and celebration.

Do not worry if you did not enroll at the start, we pro-rate all our classes if you enroll late.

We have various projects ongoing in each class with ‘Jump-on’ and ‘Jump-off’ dates that will
accommodate your schedules.

Our process-based approach to art lessons is to meet students where they are in their personal artistic journey, whether a beginner hand or a seasoned adult hand artist. A 5-year-old ‘Wee Hand’ needs plenty of room to explore and discover art materials, while a tween/teen artist may need special help in developing their unique ideas to be imbued into a masterpiece.

Adults are looking for a friendly atmosphere that they can explore their own artistic expression and various art medias.

This is why we have so many returning students of all ages!!!!

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Go to our EVENTS page for coming Workshops and ‘Arty’ Party information…

Open enrollment for 2024 Fall Art Schedule started July 15th!

We offer Art classes are for all ages!

What People Say About Us

I am amazed by the quality of art work and the variety of artistic techniques the students learn in your art class. It is a pleasure to work with such a dedicated, talented and passionate colleague.

Russell B., Teacher, Bali International School, Indonesia

Art inspired by your creative mind adorns our walls. Ms. McDaniel, here is a sincere THANK YOU for all your years of originality and genius.

Sarah W., Parent

We had our socks knocked off this a.m. when James looked at one of our paintings (of water lilies) and asked if Claude Monet was the artist. It is amazing that you are exposing them to such an early age.

Jennifer & Jamie D., Parents

My 9 year old daughter had a great experience at Hands Create summer camp. Her projects were varied, age appropriate and allowed her creativity to shine. The owners/teachers were professional and organized and the space is beautiful! I highly recommend Hands Create!

Annie L.,, Parent

Joann and Tim at Hands Create are amazing owners, artists, and teachers. I attended the Winter & Spring Workshop and had an absolute blast! I learned about different artists and their art and was taught various techniques using a variety of materials to make my own art. Joanne was very patient and answered any questions I had. Not only did I leave having learned so much, but I gained great friendships as well. I will definitely be attending more art workshops here in the future! I highly recommend Hands Create!

Ellen K., Student

Thank you for taking your time and not only teaching me art but teaching all of us the history of art. I love that you tell us the little details that make our art projects really cool! You are an amazing artist!

Sam F., Art Student

I was so impressed with the student art. You have really done a wonderful job in teaching the students about works of art as well as teaching them the specific skills to create beautiful pieces of art.

Cheri E., Teacher, Cape Fear, NC

Joann is a masterful art teacher who uncovered a love of art in my son.  She has inspired a passion and honed a talent that we never knew existed all while having a great time.

Shirley C., Parent

Joann’s joyful creativity in teaching pulls you into her heart.
She will make you want to dance!

Kathy Bruen, Artist, Greenbelt, MD

The student examples are very striking. I love the use of subtle color and experimental, layered techniques. Even more than that, I love how generous you are with your time and expertise!

Kandise H., Art Educator

As an art teacher, Joann pays attention to how the creative spirit can emerge in all of us! As a mentor, she continues to inspire my journey.

Fran Kohlmeier, Artist/Art Educator, New Bern, NC

Joann’s classroom and lessons are fun and engaging. She is patient, knowledgeable, encouraging, and always professional. The work Joann elicits from her students is nothing short of magical.

Kelly Willis, Parent, teacher & administrator

Our boys (9 & 7) had a blast at the summer arts’ camp. There’s some activities that that do that they enjoy, but by the time they leave they’re ready to be done. But they came home from the arts’ camp and were inspired to do more and went off doing their own arts and craft projects. Thanks for inspiring them!

Duncan B., Parent

Ms. McDaniel, some of your words made it home tonight. We were thrilled to hear what Charlie had to say about Kandinsky and non-figurative art! Thank you for sparking his interest!

Kimbrel & Trip M., Parent, 1st grade artist

I’ve been meaning to tell you for years, but we have been so impressed with the caliber of art that our kids bring home! Really, it’s amazing to see an “average” art student produce such amazing work.

Gigi E., Parent

Airy, open space at a very convenient Arboretum location. Joann really loves what she does and it shows. Because she was trained as a teacher, she knows how to engage her students. I really appreciate the mini art history lesson behind each project.

Rachel Y., , Parent

Thank you for not only helping the girls create their beautiful treescapes, but for how warm and loving you are when you share your art talents with them. They are still talking about their time with you.

Leslie W., Parent

I want to thank you for making a positive impact on my second grader. I was on the internet and he saw a picture of an artist. He blurted out, “I know that artist! That’s Gustav Klimt”. I am amazed.

Marla W., Parent
We love Hands Create! My daughter had an amazing time at the art camps here this summer. We have also participated in adult ‘Arty Parties’ as a way for the unique social gathering. Our youngest will be participating in the fall classes and is so excited! Joann and Tim have created a special place and we are grateful to be a part of it!
Linsey H., Art Student and Parent

My wife and I just want to thank you for the great instruction you provide our daughter Lily. For a family who appreciates art, to see their child develop under your tutelage is just a joy.

Bill & Viviane Bechtler-Smith, Parents

My 9 year old daughter had a great experience at Hands Create summer camp. Her projects were varied, age appropriate and allowed her creativity to shine. The owners/teachers were professional and organized and the space is beautiful! I highly recommend Hands Create!

Anna L, Parent

Ms. McDaniel helped make my son’s first year of school the very best. He has shown an interest in art that he never has before. It is so fun to see him come home so eager to create!

Jordan W., Parent

Our daughter attended a week of summer camp in this bright and sunny art studio. She loved the intricate projects and keepsake worthy art made with her own hands. Highly recommend and I’m sure we’ll be back for more.

Jenny and Paul M.,, Parent